Our honey is produced at Mount Parnassus. Ιt's unique qualities are mainly due to the rich biodiversity and rare flora of the location. In this complex ecosystem of Mount Parnassus there is a rich distribution of bee plants on which our bees thrive, producing honey from a pure environment . In addition, the simplified processing we apply, ensures minimal interference with the natural state of the honey, thus preserving all valuable ingredients.

Honey has excellent properties for humans and superior nutritional value. It enhances brain function and is the healthiest sweetener. In Nectarus we give special importance to the quality of the honey we produce, in order to offer our customers always the best.



The most complete nutritional supplement nature generously provides us through the bees. Unparalleled source of antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and proteins, metals and numerous other beneficial substances all in a perfectly balanced ratio. Best to be stored in deep freeze to remain fresh, thus preserving all nutritional values.Our pollen stands out for its delicious taste and color and is available only deep freezed seasonally.  


The natural antibiotic with multiple therapeutic effects, such as anti-inflammatory antiseptic, antiseptic, antioxidant. Generally used for strengthening the immune, the healing of wounds and burns, and treatment of skin problems.   Propolis has no side effects as opposed to the known antibiotics (terramycin, penicillin, streptomycin). Is released from the organism without damaging the kidneys and liver. It does not affect the gut flora.   First improvements on our health (such as elasticity to the skin, stimulating the body, improvement of sleep and appetite) occur typically after 5-6 days of use.